Monday, January 30, 2012

Is This Thing On?

It's almost been 6 months since my last blog.... and I wonder why I don't have a following? lol

Lots has happened in that six months. By far a TIE for the biggest thing was that I maintained my weight loss! For the first time ever I have managed to stay (predominantly) on track during a blog hiatus. The other set for first place was I got engaged! :-) Feel free to read about that here.

Coming back from vacation was a huge drag. We had a BLAST in Mexico. I know now, to take off at least a few more days to get myself back in the spirit. It was sooooo relaxing. Six days of fun in the sun...7-day forecast said it would rain everyday and it only did twice.... At night. Which worked, if you know what I mean.

Any who, since being back I have had my bouts of laze and activity, admittedly. But proud to say that I've managed to do enough to maintain my weight. Not one single pound gain. I started using a really cool, FREE weight loss app called My Fitness Pal . This is totally my go-to app to log calories and workouts. Even though I've been spending more time with my Weight Watchers app due to zero point veggies. But I totally support and believe in MFP and it will always be my go to app when I am counting calories. It's just too much to log calories and Points Plus right now.

I've recently redeemed a Living Social voucher to a boxing gym on the southside and I'm following WW to a T.. and I'm down 5 lbs.

I've got some new goals in the making too.. besides trying to get Honeymoon fit, I MAY consider having another baby. With that goal alone I have to get down 5-10 lbs LESS than what I want to be, just because. Come with me and watch 2012 unfold... I hope you're staying active and fit!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weigh In Rituals... or Superstitions

So I have been weighing in (practically) every week in the SAME leggings for the last 6 weeks. I will wear them until I literally have them slouched (there's already room) and baggy around my thighs and have to tie them behind me! lol!

They're part of my ... good luck charm almost. Last weekend, the honey surprised me with a weekend away from the house and sent our sun to stay with his aunt.

When packing my bag in a a giddy rush, I left them at home. I visited a site in the suburb we stayed in to weigh in... up 1.2 lbs (never mind the big Wild Fire dinner I had of lamb porterhouse chops and broccoli and the cocktails at the casino!)

Back at my meeting this week, in my "lucky leggings" down 2.6 ... never mind last night was a completely OP day with no imbibing (I've stopped drinking until my vacation in September) and a filling WW-approved dinner before 8 p.m. It is my superstition.

I also hope I get to goal before it gets too cold... because I wear only one of two pairs of slide on shoes... which I slide off, put ONE paper towel on the scale... deep breath and step on.

I also...

Make sure I don't eat before weigh in (which is fine because I weigh in before 7:30 a.m.).

I use the restroom at the Center. Extra water weight or something, right?

I have a snack to eat during my meeting. Usually a piece of fruit. And my first water of the day.

I go home and prepare a "Big Breakfast*" for the boys and I:
Scrambled Egg & Whites topped with Salsa
Turkey Bacon / Links
(If I've been a very good girl and had a stellar weigh in, a slice of raisin toast)
Followed by another piece of fruit (if still hungry).... water.
*It's called big because my usual breakfast is much "lighter" lol..yogurt, fruit granola etc

THEN and only then, I proceed about my normal day. Because I feel in my heart THAT sets the tone for my whole OP week.

Do you have any WI Superstitions or Rituals?

Tell me about that...